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What is SkoolTek

SkoolTek by EdFolio was born with the heart to help small to medium schools fare better in the hybrid learning education. It is grounded by our strong values, profound dedication and passion to make educational technology accessible, affordable and user-friendly to schools, teachers and students.

Advanced School System

With the existing educational system in transition, technology has been advancing at a rapid pace to meet the demands of today's classrooms. It is unquestionably necessary to have an agile innovated teaching and learning setup. Providing a comprehensive platform will assist schools in navigating this hybrid learning environment.

Full Featured Platform

School management systems had long been functional in modern schools as it enables the organization to execute numerous tasks efficiently and effectively. We are providing an all-inclusive system with free school website, built-in video conferencing, invoicing system, inventory & asset management, and Edu-Content E-Commerce site.

Intuitive Interface

We developed an intuitive interface with the goal of making digital tasks and interactions as simple and efficient as possible to ensure the quality of accessibility and maximizing the user experience of teachers, students, and parents.

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Free School Website

As it is frequently the first point of virtual visit or contact with the institution, a school website is essential for making a favorable first impression as it influences the school's credibility as a whole which can possibly lead to an increase in admissions.SkoolTek provides a free website for schools, complete with fully modifiable settings that you can update on a regular basis or as needed.

Integrated Video Conferencing and Chat

Video conferencing and chat have become an essential component of schools' distance learning programs; as a result, it serves as a medium through which instructors and students can coordinate their efforts and maintain open lines of communication during class time. The advantages of acquiring knowledge in an online environment are quickly becoming apparent to educational institutions as we move forward.

Learning Management System

Creating, delivering, and reporting on educational courses and outcomes are all made easier with the help of a Learning Management System (LMS). In addition, teachers learning goals. It also gives schools access to tools that can be used for administration, education, and development. This LMS is also integrated with the EdFolio Library. It means each student can connect their EdFolio accounts to SkoolTek and they can easily open and use the ebooks purchased from the site.

Invoicing System

SkoolTek's Invoicing System maintains the organization of the school's financial records, as well as ensures that the students' payment histories such as tuition fees, books, and other miscellaneous fees are kept current and accurate.

Portals for Teachers, Students, and Parents

It allows teachers and students to stay up to date on class activities, announcements, and school related events. Parents will also be provided with a login portal where they can track their child's class performance and activities, as well as each child’s billing and invoicing.

Grading System

Our built-in grading system makes the evaluation of students' performance more time-efficient. Teachers can directly input a grade for every student's assignment or activity. In this way, instructors will have more time to discuss with their students regarding their performance in class and where they might require additional assistance in order to accomplish the objectives of each lesson.

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